Life changes every second ,we just have to be ready for the unexpected.


I need a break, I’m dying …

I don’t want to be home for one thing and i just want to be with you 

and i can’t think i have a pounding head and I just want to sleep.

Things are kind of getting better

I know we’ll make it I’m just going to be in a rough patch for awhile. I’m just really down and my motivation isn’t very high

Happy place when Im Completely lost in life

Happy place when Im Completely lost in life

I look through pictures of us constantly when I probably shouldn’t but whatever. There isn’t one picture of us sad not even slightly sad. Why because you take away the shitty place that I put myself in. I just always seem to know that everything will be okay when I’m with you. I don’t know how but I do but you’re my light in the darkness but now I feel it’s getting windy and the light is about to get blown out and it will get dark for a few seconds and light up again. I need the light to stay on constantly or I’m going to go Insane. I’m scared of the dark now.